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Facts vs. Fiction – The Maui County GMO Initiative

Vote YES on Maui GMO Moratorium

  • The initiative on GMO only affects Monsanto and Mycogen (Dow)
  • Small farmers are PROTECTED by the initiative. (please read the law)
  • The Citizens against the GMO Farming Ban was created by the Project Manager of Mycogen on Molokai, Adolf Helm
  • Monsanto and Mycogen hide behind these fake organizations
  • The organizations are created to confuse YOU
  • The organizations can lie and not get in trouble for it
  • Monsanto and Mycogen are chemical companies, not farmers.
  • GMO’s were created to sell more chemicals
  • GMO’s can’t grow without using large amounts of chemicals
  • Each year more Chemicals have to be used to keep growing GMOs
  • GMO seeds are soaked in chemicals and can’t be touched
  • Conventional non-organic farming only uses 8-12 chemicals
  • GMO operations use 80 or more
  • Those 80 chemicals mix in the fields and create new chemicals
  • The EPA says they do not regulate or check on these new chemicals
  • Those chemicals don’t just stay in their fields on their crops
  • Those chemicals spread into our waters, lands and neighborhoods
  • Those chemicals are in the dust and we breathe them
  • The State tested and found these Chemicals in ALL our surface waters
  • Residents have tested and find them in the tap water in their homes
  • Monsanto has sued more than 1200 small farmers for millions of dollars
  • They proudly list these law suits on their website
  • They list them so their investors feel safe about controlling farming
  • Monsanto just paid $93 Million dollars to a town they poisoned (Nitro, WV) with Agent Orange
  • Until the judge made them pay, they still lied about the poisoning
  • Is this what you want for Maui County?
  • Is this what you want Maui to be known for in the World?
  • Are you willing to risk your life on their TV Ads and propaganda
  • Are you willing to risk your children’s lives on no testing?
  • Over 20,000 of us think it’s Best to Test these things
  • Are you willing to take a stand for this land and our way of life?
  • Over 20,000 of us are and we want you to join us

Thank you!

Choose a sustainable future for everyone

The SHAKA Movement is an advocacy, communications and educational outreach program and hub, where people and organizations come together to work in unison toward sustainable practices to affect a positive change for the environment and for the people of the Hawaiian Islands …Read More

Please watch these videos to quickly understand our current activities.


The people of Hawaii are in the fight of our lives... a fight for our lives. We need the world's help. We need YOUR help.

Major Agro Chemical companies have quietly turned Maui County into ground zero for GMO's - the largest open-air, experimental chemical and genetics test site in the world.

Everything is being exposed to unknown and unregulated chemical combinations, as well as new life forms that have never before existed on the planet. It's clear our lands and reefs are being poisoned. The people, our visitors and our fragile environment are getting sick.

We are doing everything we can to protect ourselves but the huge chemical companies are spending millions to influence the voters their way. They are relentless with their misinformation campaign and are saturating our community with propaganda.

We need financial support. We need you to donate generously. We need your friends and family too, to support our campaign and all our efforts to educate our community.

Thank you for your help. Thank you for acting now.

Please donate immediately and please visit and share our crowd-funding site for videos and more information. Thank you.


You may also send a check or money order to:
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SHAKA Movement is a Hawaii tax exempt non-profit educational organization, EIN 46-4888079, as of February 18, 2014.
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